Children Helping Children!

At Brentwood Baptist, the children at Summer Play Days have jumped on board to help orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda!
About two weeks have gone by since the children took the initiative to raise money for life-saving mosquito nets through “Nickels for Nets!”

After the teachers shared with the kids what their “Nickels for Nets” coin collecting boxes were for and how bug bites in Uganda are much more dangerous than they are here, the fun began!
It’s funny how a child looking at a bug bite on his/her leg can relate to a child across the globe and want to help them!
The children have now raised over $700 dollars in a little over 2 weeks by gathering any change they can find and bringing in their boxes each Thursday for a collection!
$700=about 88 mosquito nets!!! These 88 mosquito nets will be in the hands of 88 orphans next week as our Uganda team leaves for their two week mission in Gulu and Kampala, Uganda!
Our God is so faithful, and he continues to provide.
To see children at work, have them know what they are doing, and to be proud of helping another child sleep sweetly, is a beautiful thing to watch. “Nickels for Nets” will continue for the Summer Play Days classes until their last class, July 28th!
Keep praying for these children as they learn more about the need for mosquito nets and how the nets save lives due to the extremities of malaria.
Pray that they will continue to have these orphans on their heart and mind, and for the teachers and parents of these children who have a huge role in this initiative.
Pray that they have the words for these children placed in their lives, and that they would continue to teach them and encourage them through the summer! We love seeing the Lord use these kids to help fellow kids across the globe who are orphaned or abandoned! At the end of the day, kids are kids no matter where they may be 🙂
Keep it up Summer Play Days classes!