Hello family and friends from Gulu, Uganda!

Today our Sweet Sleep team met with Health Alert Uganda. Health Alert Uganda is an organization that works with children affected and infected with AIDS throughout Uganda. We had the privilege of hearing the leaders of this company speak about the positive impact Health Alert has made for the people of Uganda. Our team partnered with Health Alert Uganda and visited a village outside of Gulu where we distributed mattresses, blankets, mats, mosquito nets and bibles to children suffering from AIDS. I use the term suffering lightly. The children’s immune systems may have been weak but their souls were full of joy and eager to learn about the LORD and HIS teachings. I saw wounds with bugs crawling in them and tumors alongside the children’s bodies, but never once did these outside scars prove any disability to their souls. The children sat still and kept quiet during the Lords word despite the fact a slew of toys were seated right next to them. Instead the main focus was to learn about the Lord. I came to understand an appreciation for the unknown today. I knew coming to Gulu we would be impacting lives, but I never would have imagined the amount of lives Sweet Sleeps would not only impact but change! These children now have a place to rest their sweet heads and pray to the LORD for hope and strength. Please continue to keep these precious children in your prayers! Ashley