The pizza is always different

Pizza always seems like a safe bet. Whether you need a simple meal or you are feeding a lot of people. It’s dependable. You can always count on it to be good. Well, most of the time. However, when in a foreign country pizza is not always dependable. In fact, it may be different each time you order. Other than a bit of adventure, you cannot truly predict what you will get. We had pizza last night and for some reason it made me think these thoughts. I was still thinking about it this morning. As we went through the day I began to realize the greatness of letting things be different. I’m thinking more than pizza now. There’s a freedom that comes with expecting things to be new, fresh, and different. The Lord seems to keep you on your toes that way. Today we spent time in a village outside of Gulu We had planned to distribute 40 beds, mosquito nets, and bibles. When we completed the 39th it was realized that the final bed was to go to a child that died yesterday from Malaria. Being in the village and seeing that lone bed without a child hit hard. It made my day different. It helped me get a better glimpse of what Sweet Sleep does and what God has called us to do. It was different, great, and I’m still processing. What I do know is that I learned a lot about being loved and loving people. Today was only the first full day. I can’t wait for tomorrow.]]>