For Liberty

Our journey has been a truly life changing experience. Sweet Sleep’s partnership with Health Alert has opened doors to such great needs in Uganda. Monday was our first day of bed distribution. We traveled outside of Gulu yesterday morning.

As we passed out our beds, we noticed there was one extra bed. Since beds, nets, and Bibles are so preciously counted, we knew that there wasn’t a mistake in counting. Our team soon learned that the day before we arrived an 8 year old girl named Liberty passed away from malaria. To know that she died from a preventable and treatable disease is heart wrenching.

Over the next week and a half, Sweet Sleep has the opportunity to continue to provide for the children of Uganda. They still need your help. 312 mosquito nets are needed to help prevent another child dying from malaria.

I know how hard it is to understand and fully grasp something we do not deal with in America, but this is something that can be prevented. You can be a part of this right now! Only $8 is needed to help prevent an untimely death like Liberty’s.

Please visit Sweet Sleep’s website ( to donate an $8 mosquito net. Who’s going to be the first?

Amanda Calhoun