“Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness. Kindness in your eyes and kindness in your smile.” This is the quote that I have been living by this week. I have been completely humbled by this trip. God has brought so many hurting people into my life this week. All you have to do is look into the eyes of these precious people to see that they have stories to tell. I want to share with you the story of Franka. I was blessed to meet her when I came to Gulu in November to relocate children who were displaced by the war. We had dinner with some of the children who received beds in November and asked them to share their stories and update on how they were doing. Franka is about 15 years and her story broke me down. She began by telling us that the bed, the bible and the mosquito net she was constantly bitten by mosquitoes. She constantly had malaria and was often very sick. She often had no money to go to the hospital. She said that since she got her net she no longer gets bitten at night and she doesn’t suffer from malaria. She said her Bible gives her direction and hope. As she continued she began to cry. She told us when she was on the way to see us she found out that her mother had died. Franka, at the age of 15, would now have to take on the role as mother to her three siblings. She told me that the only thing she has to go home to is her mother’s body. Franka was in tears and the last thing she said before she couldn’t say another word was, “I know God will never leave me.” She then wrapped her beautiful little arms around me and cried as I prayed for her. I am still processing all of my emotions but my heart broke for this sweet child of God. In her deepest moment of sadness and despair she was able to find hope in God. God is the only one she has to turn to now. After we prayed and she was leaving I could not help but break down and get on my knees and pray for her. Will you pray for this sweet girl? Pray that she is comforted in her time of grief and that God will be near to her. Sweet Sleep is making a difference here. The work must continue so that we can continue to serve the children like Franka.

*posted by Tory Wolf