Beds that are making a difference

God is working here in Uganda!! I am overwhelmed by the joy and the love of these sweet children. Today before the new Sweet Sleep beds arrived I went into the children room and talked with them about how they felt about the old beds.Most of the children slept two children to a bed on thin pieces of foam on beds who were in pretty bad shape. The children all told me straight up that they did not sleep well at all, constantly had malaria because they had no mosquito nets, and were constantly attacked by beds bugs. Today when the truck with the mattresses and beds pulled up children came running from everywhere with smiles that were a mile wide and the orphanage was filled with pure joy. The children were so excited to make their beds and roll around in them and begged us to take videos and pictures of them with their new beds. The sweet children told me to tell YOU thank you for giving them this “miracle from God.” One little girl ho received a bed told me this “ Tory I am a orphan and I am have no family Sweet Sleep has given me back the hope that I had lost.” Sweet Sleep is the only organization in all of Uganda who focuses on improving the sleeping conditions of children. Tonight I ask you to pray for these orphans and also pray for the millions of orphans world wide who have no safe place to ay their head at night.