Bibles @ Blessed Hope Academy

We had 4 sets of kids meet in their chapel in shifts. They formed a circle and we presented them with their bibles. We gave a short orientation to thier bibles as best we could. They also were to decorate a book mark. Some we’re more creative than others. Most used stickers and a few used crayons. We passed out 300 bibles. Rose, the head teacher said she saw many of the children reading them after the class. We didn’t know because we were with the next class.
One of my goals today was to spend time with a young 14 year old boy named Baker. He was the first child I met on Monday and he gave me a personnel tour of the orphange. He was very proud to show me the chapel, the dorms and classrooms. I did get his autograph but was expecting to learn more about him today. But we ran out of time and I was disappointed it didn’t happen.
About 2 pm we left the orphange to go to Blessed Hope Champion Academy. It was an hour drive. Three members of the team went there last year. It is a much differnt setting. It is in the country with rolling hills and grass for the children to play on. I thought the children we’re dressed better and more mature. They probably have more older kids. It was great for Sleep Sweet to follow up on last years great trip.
Again as we entered the school the children ran to greet us with such excitement. As soon as I got off the bus a youg girl named Sarah greeted me. My wife knows how many Sarah’s I have dealt with in the past, and many have had very negative effects. This Sarah is 13 and she was with 2 girl friends ( Kevin and Rachael).
I had brought along some pictures of my grandchildren. I had 3 differnt pictures. The girls saw them and asked if they could have them. Then they wanted to take me to their dorm room to see where they slept. All of their beds we’re made very neatly and the sheets and blankets they had received last year looked like new. Then Sarah wanted me to have a picture of her. I don’t know how long she has had this picture but these kids have very few possessions and she surely gave it from her heart.
Then she wanted to write a letter to my daughter who was in the picture with her children. The letter is short but it also has 8 stickers on it. Again stickers are so very popular with these children.
After that we sat and talked and her desire is to become a doctor to help her people. She said her fathers is a doctor but didn’t say anything else about him. She did ask me if I could help her get in touch with her mother. It broke my heart to have to say no. Sometimes it is frustrating trying to communicate with the children but they are always so eager to answer your questions.
Both schools fed us today. They are so happy that we are here with them. Two of the staff members have made comments about how healthy it is for the children to get a good night’s sleep. If the children sleep well they are doing other things well. Sweet Sleep is an important part of their lives.
After supper 5 kids gave their testimony
Last night I had trouble sleeping because our room was warm because the fan wasn’t working to a power outage. Then I started thinking about the beds we had just put up yesterday. Thirty eight kids sleeping in 1 room (25 x 35) and no fan. They have no running water and have to carry all their water from the pump. I shouldn’t have any complaints.
Before I got on the bus to leave Sarah asked if she could pray for me. She prayed for at least 3 minutes. She spoke in her dialect so I don’t what she said or prayed for. I have never had a 13 year old pray for me before.
I have no idea why God placed me in Africa at this time but I know He has a much bigger plan than I can imagine. John]]>