be a bedhead with me!

My involvement with Sweet Sleep began a few years back when I was looking for a faith-based organization that would provide mosquito nets to children in Africa. And the more I learned about Sweet Sleep’s work with orphaned children, the more I wanted to get involved financially. I became a bedhead because I can’t think of anything greater to do with my life than to positively impact the lives of others, in Jesus’ name. As an elementary teacher, I work daily with children, some of whom have much, and some of whom have little. My heart is filled with compassion for children when I think of Jesus’ command to care for the poor: the orphans and the widows. And I can’t imagine not doing my part to carry out Jesus’ command. In my eyes, this command isn’t optional. It’s imperative. Sweet Sleep is an organization whose sole mission revolves around Jesus’ command to care for the poor and to spread the Good News! And I want to help! I feel honored to be involved in spreading the Good News, while fulfilling tangible needs of children around the world. To whom much is given, much is required…. And its a blessing to do my part! Join me in becoming a bedhead! It’s just $30 a month and you can sign up at You’ll even get a soft, cozy “I Helped An Orphan Sleep Sweetly” t-shirt for signing up! So join me in helping provide these beds, life-saving mosquito nets, and Bibles to orphans through Sweet Sleep! Kristen Jackson teaches elementary school in the Pulaski County Special School District. She is married to Jeremy Jackson, a firefighter with the Little Rock Fire Department. Kristen and Jeremy live in Little Rock, Arkansas and have one 7-month-old son, Logan.