Why I'm a Sweet Sleep bedhead…

Something Sweet Sleep has down to an art is the mission trip. I have been so fortunate to have been a member on several trips with Sweet Sleep over the past two years. With each trip comes a flurry of fundraising as goals are set and beds are provided. What my involvement with Sweet Sleep over these years has also shown me is that flurry of activity is not reserved exclusively for trips.

In 2010, Sweet Sleep provided over 10,000 beds to orphaned and abandoned children in Moldova, Haiti, and Kampala and Gulu, Uganda. Many are unaware that Sweet Sleep continues to work, tirelessly, to provide safe places for children to pray, dream, and sleep. These beds are given with love, education, and the word that God loves the children.

I am good about making gifts at the time of a trip or at year’s end, but what happens through the rest of the year? I became a bedhead in order to ensure the sustained capabilities of Sweet Sleep on an ongoing basis. Having a community of supporters who have committed to give even a small amount on a monthly basis allows Sweet Sleep to budget and plan for ongoing bed placements.

What’s more is that each month when the gift is automatically drafted, we are reminded and reassured that our commitment is serving, protecting, and showing God’s love to a child worlds away.

I would like for you to prayerfully consider how you can be a part of Sweet Sleep’s bedhead program. What can you sacrifice in a month; a night out to dinner, a manicure? With a monthly commitment of $30 or more you, too, will be a bedhead! Don’t forget to mention your shirt size in the comments box so they can send you one of my favorite Sweet Sleep t-shirts!

Giving is simple! Just go to and indicate that your gift is a monthly gift by clicking the appropriate circle.

I am excited for all God is doing in and through Sweet Sleep! Please consider how He is calling YOU to be involved!

Madelene Metcalf, Nashville, Tennessee