A Mother's Love

After we had built all the beds and furnished them with sheets, pillows and comforters we had the pleasure to go back into the homes and spend time with them and just share Gods message to them through the bed.
I had the honor to be with Sharon. She is a single mother to three children but also felt compelled to gain custody of her brothers son and daughter whom was being molested by two separated men in her house. Let me add Sharon lives in nothing more than a 10 by 10 shack, if that big.
Sharon was so honest with us and we talked about her situation. She came out of an abusive marriage, she was now raising five kids in this shack, she did not have a job but in spite of ALL that she was looking to see how God was going to use her through what she has experienced in her young life. She was a mom who was doing everything in her means to provide her kids with stability, to shower them in love.
As the 10 of us sat in this shack I was overcome with so many emotions. The joy of these children who had so much joy and happiness. Their joy was not found in material possessions….it was found in each other…their faith and their family. They were not focused on what they did not have. I never once heard Sharon talk about how bad her life was because of what had happened to her. She talked about what God was going to do with those broken pieces not only in her life but in the life of her children.
A minster at King of King church here in Cape Town noted on Sunday that we as parents are accountable to God for how we raise our children. We lay the foundation for their lives and Sharon is making the best of what she has to bring glory to our Lord and Savior I was humbled to be with her today. I was honored she let us PROUDLY in her home and love on her.
The most amazing thing was to hear her talk about how she wants to be involved and possibly teach some of the classes she had to take in order to receive the bed. She is beacon of light in a very dark place…..a woman who wants to take the joy she has found and pass it to others.
I feel so at a loss for the right words because what we are experiencing is overwhelming and humbling. It is awesome to see Gods hand here in South Africa. I am blessed to be a part of the wonderful work with Sweet Sleep.