South Africa

Today we put beds together in homes. After seeing all God’s Amazing Creation in the ocean and mountains we saw His wonderful creation in these children. Some of the homes we were in we have used the word box to describe it. Box…a home that is made of whatever they could find to make walls and a roof. Box…not big enough for some Americans lawn tools. This “box” had 7 people living and sleeping in it. 7 people in a space we would not use for our lawn tools. A mom who already had 3 children has adopted 2 more! In this box she praises God and teaches these children to sing praises to God! This box is full of people and full of joy!
All I can think of today is what am I doing with my house (not a box), what am I doing w/the blessings God has given me? What more should I be doing to help the children all over the world that need love? We are told to care for the orphans and widows so why are there so many children all over the world that are with out some one to love them. Children without a place to put their heads at night and call their own.
Tonight there are 3 homes full of children that are sleeping sweetly tonight for the first time. They were told that as they pull the covers up to think about God’s arms around them and loving them.
What can you do you ask? Donate to Sweet Sleep ( so more children will be able to Sleep Sweetly and hear about the love of Christ. The work here in South Africa is just beginning and I can’t wait to see what all God will be going here! I am humbled to be here and be a part of what God is doing here!

Alyson Walker]]>