The Journey Begins

Well, we made it; 3 planes and 24 hours later we’re in Moldova. What a fabulous team God has assembled for this trip. We’ve already made several memories during our layover in Dulles in Washington D.C. and were amazed by the ease with which we made it through the airport in Munich. We are settled in the IMB Mission house and are excited about our unique oppportunity to get to travel to the Transnistria area of Moldova tomorrow to visit with 260 orphans there. I’m always amazed how God can bring people from all different walks of life and even different countries together and can create such harmony. It is a beautiful thing to be able to serve with these gifted and talented folks in this precious country. If you’re reading this blog, take time to pray for this team as we reach out to these special needs orphans in Slobozia and in Visoca later this week. I know great things are going to come out of this jouuney and I pray our lives and the lives of these needy children will be impacted for all time. God bless!