Jet lagged and dog bit

Today in a nutshell; we woke up, ate breakfast and drove in a van to an orphanage. We walked around, handed out bananas and candy, and had lunch in the nearby town. Tony and Dan made us laugh. The drive was bumpy but the people in the van were great. I gained a respect for the people of the land and fell in love with Lucia and our translators. We drove home, saw christmas lights in Chisinau and had chicken and pickles for supper at the mission house. Went to bed.
The day for me was defined by what I think they call “Jet lag”. My body doesn’t know what day it is or what time it is and I have periods of normality followed by periods of extreme sleepiness. In fact, I had to take a two hour nap after dinner just to be able to process what happened today and put it into words.
Here are some random things I’ve noticed in my jet lag fog:
-The people here are no different than us, they just have not had the opportunities we have had. In some ways they are better than us. They don’t complain and are very greatfull for even the smallest act of kindness.
-Moldova is Moldova not Romania or Russia, Inteleg?
-Transnistria is loyal to Russia and they speak Russian but they are not officially recognized as independent from Moldova.
-The younger women are apparently enamored with the west because they dress rather provocatively with high heels, tight jeans, hair and make-up even though they must of had to spend a large portion of their income to portray that look!
-The locals seem quiet and unashamed of who they are and how they live, in fact they love their country and each other.
-The Orphanage buildings and equipment were very old and in serious need of repair but were clean and organized.
-The teachers and workers make use of anything and everything to do whatever and are effective. Since teachers can’t really print things off the internet for teaching and crafts they design and draw it themselves with skill.
-The children were disciplined and respectful and grateful to have clothes and shoes even though the clothes didn’t match, the coats may not zip up or the shoes may have no laces.
-So far, the food whether home cooked or in a restaurant has been fantastic!
-Apparently americans stand out easy and may even be intimidating to some.
-God loves the people and the children and the Church must help these people!!!
-I am glad God has opened my eyes to how blessed I have been and ashamed at the same time that I have been ungrateful, selfish and mostly ignored the cries for help from others in the past.
-One cannot see first hand the suffering and depravity of his fellow creation and then not do something about it. Children are children and innocent regardless of where they live or what lanquage they speak. I wonder how my life will change.
A little story, after we returned from Transnistria we stopped by the mission house to freshen up and then go to downtown Chisinau. In the downtown area there were Christmas lights and lots of people and an area where you could have your picture made in front of various back grounds that said “Happy New Year 2012” in Romanian
The background that interested me had a live owl, an eagle and two chinchillas. So Darla and I had our picture made here. The back ground that interested the group had two small dogs and a dwarf dressed like an elf. I grabbed one of the dogs and we began filing in and posing for the picture. My dog was interested in what I had for lunch which was apparently still in my beard.
I was describing what the dog was doing, sniffing and licking my beard as we were all facing the camera. That was when the animal clamped on my beard and tried to rip it from my face. That’s when I screamed like a little girl, which in Romanian apparently means “everybody laugh at the stupid american man afraid of a little dog”.
Bible verse that comes to mind.
Isaiah 3:13-15
The LORD takes his place in court; he rises to judge the people. The LORD enters into judgment against the elders and leaders of his people: “It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder from the poor is in your houses. What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?” declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.