Prayers for you to meet your Maxim..

We went to the orphanage today and began building beds. Our goals for the day were to build half the beds and have story time, craft time and recreation with the children. I’m happy to report that all goals were accomplished with the amazing team that God placed here this week! It is hard to describe the amount of teamwork that happened in that orphanage in Visoca today. My team began putting all the mattresses in plastic covers. We were able to complete all 50. Then we began covering pillows got all those completed also. Meanwhile the other 2 teams were building the frames for the beds. We then completed each bed with new sheets, pillow cases and comforters . Next we had the privilege of showing the children their new beds and explaining that they were receiving them because of Gods love for them. Beaming smiles and hope filled eyes said it all. They were very pleased and so grateful! Lunchtime was fun and interesting as always! This team is full of comedians! We laughed alot and Joe had another run in with a dog! Moldovan dogs just don’t like him! Back to the orphanage to play games, do crafts and have story time. I’m in the recreation group- honestly when the first group arrived I’m was a little intimidated by the language barrier. But as we begin and as always God has provided the perfect translators!! We play a game with the hula hoops and a game with soccer balls, kickball and with the younger group instead of kickball we do a Moldovan game named hunt the duck. Children stand in the middle and we roll a ball thru them trying to hit them. Sarah J and I were the hunters- they were fast!! Fun fun times. Then by a divine appointment a little boy named Maxim entered my life. During all the games, fun and excitement he pulls me to the side to simply tell me the beds in the rooms were beautiful! And he wants to know if he will get a new bed. For all the doubting Thomases who asked if ALL we would be doing was building beds— I pray God sends a Maxim into your life just one time- so that you can see the hope that I saw in his precious little eyes and face-the hope that he might get a new beautiful bed tomorrow! Then picture time began. They love to have their picture made with us! Maybe it’s just to be touched or hugged- we were happy to oblige. Each child was able to get 3 bananas today- the director and children were very thankful! They just don’t have the funds for fruit. They sang for us and we sang for them. One of their songs was asking God to bless their country and send awakening and blessings upon them. Our time seemed short but as we were saying our goodbyes-my little friend Maxim told the director to tell us that if we built him a new bed he would be good and he promised he would not wet the bed!! My feelings on this were overwhelming to say the least. Absolutely brought tears of happiness, sadness, distress, sympathy and empathy. Wow! Never knew how many emotions that God gave us! We should use them for others more often.
On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.
Psalm 63:6-7