Words are not adequate

Spending Christmas in Moldova has been incredible! I am at the point in the trip where I am processing all that I have experienced and can find few words that are adequate. I will do my best share a few thoughts. I am learning that one of the things I will never regret is loving people well. Loving people well is what Scripture demands that we do. It is what sets us apart as followers of Christ. Loving people well is fulfilling. Being with the orphans in Moldova this week has reminded me of this in incredible ways. We connected quickly and it will be sad to leave them tomorrow. It has been incredible to give them a bed and teach them the significance of the bed. I love that there are 50 orphans sleeping sweetly in their new beds! I love that they will be reminded each day of God’s love! I’m thankful that I got to be apart of this! I wish you could be here with us. Check out this video of an orphan named Maxim receiving his bed. Maxim showed us joy today! It was simply incredible. On this trip I have laughed so much! I have been reflective. I have seen hard things. I have seen joy in the eyes of orphans. I have been reminded why I believe so strongly in the ministry of Sweet Sleep. I look forward to the Lord showing me more about Himself as I continue to reflect.

My first Sweet Sleep bed in Moldova