Brooke Builds a Bed

Russ and Jennifer heard about Sweet Sleep through Brentwood Baptist Church.  One night, as Russ was putting his 4-year-old daughter, Brooke, to bed he told her that some children don’t have nice beds like hers. He said that their church helped buy beds for orphan children in other countries.  Brooke told her dad that she wanted to buy a bed for a child. They found some information at the church about Sweet Sleep and went for a visit to the Sweet Sleep offices in Brentwood, TN. There they picked up a free Build-a-Bed Family Kit.  This kit gives parents an opportunity to educate their children on the orphan crisis in our world today.  It contains 4 lessons that engage children and emphasize to them the importance of helping those in need and sharing the love of Christ. The kit also includes a Build-a-Bed and Nickels for Nets bank boxes and lists different ideas families can use to raise money for Sweet Sleep. One box holds about $8 in change which Brooke used to help buy a bed.
Brooke, Russ, Jennifer and Sweet Sleep Founder Jen Gash
Would your family like to help buy a bed for an orphan in need? Contact Sarah Edwards to get your free family kit. Raising money for Sweet Sleep is easier than you think. Did you know that:
  • $8 provides a mosquito net to orphans in Africa or Haiti.
  • $10 provides a Bible to an orphan in his or her language.
  • $50 provides a bed and bedding for orphan resettlement kits in northern Uganda.
  • $125 provides a healthy, comfortable new Sweet Sleep bed for a child in Africa.
  • $167 provides a complete Sweet Sleep bed for an orphan in Haiti.
  • $200 provides a comfy Sweet Sleep bed for a Moldovan orphan.

Be a part of this life changing ministry by giving a one time donation or Be a Bedhead and help provide beds each month for orphans across the world. Every weekday in February Sweet Sleep is Sharing Love through stories from individuals, churches and other partners who have helped us show love to orphans around the world by giving them a bed. Go to and find out more about Sharing Love.