Forcey Bible Church

The 3rd-5th grade boys and girls at Forcey Bible Church in Silver Spring, MD collected nickels and other coins to benefit Nickel’s for Nets, Sweet Sleep’s malaria prevention initiative. Nickel’s for Nets not only raises money to buy mosquito nets for orphans, but also educates children on the importance of using mosquito nets in other parts of the world. Without these nets, children are susceptible to malaria and its dangerous, deadly effects.

Some children were able to buy a whole net. One of the girls even had a yard sale at her house to raise money for the campaign. For each nickel that was given, a paper nickel was placed on a bulletin board until it was covered. Overall, the group raised $200 to purchase 25 mosquito nets for orphans in Haiti and Africa! Tomorrow a team from Sweet Sleep leaves for Gulu Uganda to deliver 1300 beds, bedding, Bibles and nets to HIV positive orphans and other vulnerable children. This is very exciting because it is the largest single bed installation for us to date.  We partner with Health Alert Uganda,, an organization that offers prevention, care and support services for children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Mosquito nets are especially important because HIV positive children already have a lowered immune system, making malaria more dangerous to them.
Build-a-Bed and Nickels for Nets are fundraising programs designed for children to learn about the needs of orphans across the world and gives them a fun way to raise money to help meet these needs. You can find these boxes in the Church/Group section of our store or contact Sarah Edwards at Every weekday in February Sweet Sleep is Sharing Love through stories from individuals, churches and other partners who have helped us show love to orphans around the world by giving them a bed. Go to and find out more about Sharing Love. Be a part of this life changing ministry by giving a one time donation or Be a Bedhead and help provide beds each month for orphans across the world.