You're never too young to help

Children love to help other children. Here is another story of a child who is helping us provide more beds for orphans. When Toby Ryan turned three, he and his family decided to try something different for his birthday party. Guests were invited to an afternoon of play at the family’s local YMCA. Instead of gifts, they were asked to consider a donation to two children’s nonprofits: ChemoDuck and Sweet Sleep. From bouncing around in the KidFit area, to playing birthday games with the Y staff — Toby’s friends and family had a great time celebrating his life while making a difference in the lives of others.

Blogging from Gulu Starts Monday
Today the team from Sweet Sleep left for Gulu Uganda to deliver 1300 beds, bedding, Bibles and nets to HIV positive orphans and other vulnerable children. This is very exciting because it is the largest single bed installation for us to date.  We partner with Health Alert Uganda,, an organization that offers prevention, care and support services for children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Mosquito nets are especially important because HIV positive children already have a lowered immune system, making malaria more dangerous to them. Check back on Monday when we will have stories from the team.
Build-a-Bed and Nickels for Nets are fundraising programs designed for children to learn about the needs of orphans across the world and gives them a fun way to raise money to help meet these needs. You can find these boxes in the Church/Group section of our store or contact Sarah Edwards at Every weekday in February Sweet Sleep is Sharing Love through stories from individuals, churches and other partners who have helped us show love to orphans around the world by giving them a bed. Go to and find out more about Sharing Love. Be a part of this life changing ministry by giving a one time donation or Be a Bedhead and help provide beds each month for orphans across the world.