Last Day: Jeff Wolfe

Today, we went to our last distribution site and met more amazing and beautiful children with their caretakers.  In addition, many more children living with HIV or AIDS came out of hiding to register with Health Alert Uganda (HAU).  I am honored to have served these children. 
As a personal trainer, I continue to stand in awe at the physical strength and endurance these Ugandans have.  They walk for miles to get to the distribution center.  While many of us may be able to walk a few miles, try walking in 90 degree dry heat, inhaling red dust and smoke, with a baby on your back and a child in one hand and a bag in the other.  Then once you arrive at the distribution site, you may sit for several hours waiting for the distribution to start (depending on how early you arrive).  After waiting patiently in the heat, sitting on the hard ground, you are handed your bed, bedding, Bible and mosquito net to carry the many miles back home. 
I don’t know about you, but I would be miserable and complaining on the inside.  However, let me give you an example of what these amazing Ugandans do.  A young girl comes up to me to receive her bed.  Her clothes look to have been white, but now her dress is a brownish color and torn in several places and she is barefoot.  As I hand her the bed, she bows an eloquent bow and smiles, and says “thank you”.  I on the other hand am fighting this urge to fall on my knees and weep and say, “no…..thank you”. I am honored and humbled to serve this young girl and the many others and praise God for the invitation to have joined in the life-giving work of Sweet Sleep by loving these children of Gulu, Uganda.  This week my heart is so full.  Thank you Gulu, Uganda…we love you!  And thanks to the many supporters who make it possible for these precious children to have a sweet sleep.  
Jeff Wolfe