The Gulu team returns today

Our Gulu Uganda team returns today. They distributed a record 1301 beds, Bibles and nets in 6 days. In addition, 568 newly registered orphans who are HIV/AIDS positive came out of hiding to receive help from Health Alert Uganda and Sweet Sleep. We gave each of them a net to protect them from malaria before our return trip in June. You have helped us by funding over 400 of these nets so far but we still need you to buy over 100 more for only $8 a net. Please give at Mark “Gulu net” in the comments box. We would not be as effective in our efforts without the support of our staff on location. Below is a note from Josephine Ssebambulide our National Director in Uganda.

Dear Sweet Sleep team 2012, Deep inside me, I always cry when i say good bye to you. It is not from sadness but from all the love you always give to us, the children and the people of my country. It is now just a couple of hours since you have flown out of Uganda after ministering love to over 1300 children in Northern Uganda. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support towards the team’s overwhelming and amazing work while in Northern Uganda. When you now look back at the beds of these children, it makes one know that our Sweet friends have been there, for the beds now look neat, comfortable and beautifully covered with a mosquito neat ready for a sweet sleep.
The team is dearly missed already but we are very thankful to the Lord for making the team such a blessing and leaving the children with a feeling of higher values in their lives. Kindly, join me in prayers for God’s continued provision, protection and safe travels towards our Sweet friends of whom we are deeply proud of . You have been a great team!! May you have awesome days, God’s peace and love. Friends, what we always do in life echoes in Eternity. Thanks for your love, care and you will always be remembered by us all as the children of God. Josephine See more photos at: Read more stories from the Gulu Uganda trip here.