Bedheads share love every month – Wendy Tabor

As a part of our Sharing Love in February, we interviewed a few of our bedhead giving partners. Bedheads are monthly givers to Sweet Sleep. Sweet Sleep will automatically deduct your gift from your credit card. You will receive convenient monthly and annual receipts by email. If you give at least $30 per month we will send you a tshirt too! We love our bedheads because they want to make a difference in a child’s life half way around the world. Here is our interview with Wendy Tabor from Nashville TN, a bedhead since October 2011.

1. When did you decided to become a bedhead?
I became a bedhead after attending the Sweet Sleep Soiree in 2011 and hearing Jennifer Auma Odong’s life story. Jennifer’s parents were killed by rebels in Northern Uganda, but her heart and her passion to help others, despite her own suffering, remains strong. Jennifer’s love for Christ and for others shined so brightly that I was completely moved to provide regular support to Sweet Sleep. 

2. Why do you think it is important to be a bedhead? 
I absolutely love sleep, and I strongly believe it is a sweet gift from our Father who understands, like only our Creator could, that our bodies need rest to function properly. Being a bedhead allows me to help extend the precious gift of good rest/sleep to others through the mattresses and nets Sweet Sleep delivers to those in need. 

3. Have you shared with friends or family that you are a bedhead and why it is important? 
Yes. I have shared my thoughts about being a bedhead with my friends, and I frequently wear my bedhead t-shirt.

Would you like to be a bedhead? Go to, then click the bedhead button. You can choose to have your credit card charged on the first or the fifteenth of each month. You will be helping orphans around the world sleep sweetly. Check back tomorrow to read a message from Jennifer Auma Odong to Sweet Sleep and our team that returned from Uganda.]]>