Message from Jennifer

Our Gulu Uganda team is back and in the swing of things. The stories of love they share are amazing. Be sure and check our facebook page for more stories and photos. As you know, they distributed a record 1301 beds, Bibles and nets in 6 days. In addition, 568 newly registered orphans who are HIV/AIDS positive came out of hiding to receive help from Health Alert Uganda and Sweet Sleep. We gave each of them a net to protect them from malaria before our return trip in June. You have helped us by funding over 400 of these nets so far but we still need you to buy over 100 more for only $8 a net. Please give at Mark “Gulu net” in the comments box.

We are blessed to have two amazing women on our staff in Uganda. On Monday we shared a message from Josephine Ssebambulide our National Director in Uganda. Today you will hear from Jennifer Auma Odong, Program Director, Northern Uganda. A Sweet Sleep thank you from Northern Uganda! I thank God for the wonderful heart of people around the globe. It was so wonderful to see this team sharing love with the vulnerable people in Africa UGANDA. I am thrilled and out of words. I was touched to see God’s work through his people (Jen, Jeff, Madeline, Mindy, Jonathan, Zach, Mindy, Jamie, Tim, Daren, Paul, Alyson, Deana, Trish and Mary). What a wonderful team! They are all so talented and full of God’s love and care. God has used this team to truly make a difference in Gulu and has even left Gulu yearning for more love and affection. I am so proud to be part of this work with Sweet Sleep.
To the Team: Thank you so much for accepting his call to come and serve in AFRICA, UGANDA, GULU. We have been touched with love and sincerity. Do not ignore what these people were saying. You have made a difference. To those who Prayed and Contributed for these beds/nets: May God continue to bless you! Thank you for sharing what you had with these children, and may you continue to pray for them and advocate for them and be their messengers around the world. Each person involved is most important. The work done was awesome, unbelievable, and magnificent. Because of this work 1301 children have a bed for the first time in their lives. Because of this work 600+ children came out of hiding to receive treatment and education for HIV. Because of you their lives have been forever changed. Much love from Gulu,
Jennifer Auma Odong
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