Interview with Bedhead Jennifer Olsen

As a part of our Sharing Love in February, we interviewed a few of our bedhead giving partners. Bedheads are monthly givers to Sweet Sleep. Sweet Sleep will automatically deduct your gift from your credit card. You will receive convenient monthly and annual receipts by email. If you give at least $30 per month we will send you a tshirt too!
We love our bedheads because they want to make a difference in a child’s life half way around the world. Here is our interview with Jennifer Olsen from Nashville, a bedhead since October 2011.

 1. When did you decided to become a bedhead?
I decided to become a bedhead after returning from a mission trip in Africa. After seeing their living conditions, I wanted to help by sending comforters and bedding back to the youth I had met there. I prayed God would give me another opportunity to help people and the very next day, I was invited to the Sweet Sleep Soiree. I learned about the organization and knew that was the answer to my prayer.

2. Why do you think it is important to be a bedhead?
I think it is important to be a bedhead because I am blessed with so much. I want to show how thankful I am by sharing what God has given me. I was once advised to give where i see good fruit being produced and I believe that is the case with the Sweet Sleep organization.

3. Have you shared with friends or family that you are a bedhead and why it is important?
I have shared with my family and friends about Sweet Sleep because I feel that is another way to help besides just giving myself. I want to see it grow, in order to help more people. Not only are we providing beds, but also life saving mosquito nets, and a Bible! The Bible teaches to care for orphans and to live like Jesus. Whenever Jesus saw a person in need He had compassion for them. This means not only to feel sympathy for that person or people, but to follow that up with an action to alleviate their need. That is what Jesus did and this is how we should live!

Would you like to be a bedhead? Go to, then click the bedhead button. You can choose to have your credit card charged on the first or the fifteenth of each month. You will be helping orphans around the world sleep sweetly. ]]>