Bethany Laughlin, Sweet Sleep Intern

Only one more day of Sharing Love in February. We have had a great month of sharing the stories from so many people who love orphans and Sweet Sleep. Today we hear from our intern Bethany Laughlin. Bethany is a junior at Belmont University. I first heard about Sweet Sleep through a friend at Belmont who used to intern here.  When she told me about her experience, I knew I needed to find out more about this amazing organization.  I really wanted to gain experience in the non-profit world and Sweet Sleep seemed like the perfect fit.  Over the past couple of months, I’ve been able to see how unique and special this organization truly is.  I love the way Sweet Sleep is able to use the gift of a bed and a mosquito net as an avenue to sharing the Ultimate Gift of Christ with these precious orphans.  There is such great physical need in countries like Africa, Moldova and Haiti, but there is an even greater spiritual need, and Sweet Sleep provides the rare opportunity to meet them both.

Even though I haven’t gone on a trip with Sweet Sleep to these countries, I have been able to learn what goes on behind the scenes to make these trips possible.  In fact, part of our team just returned home from Gulu, Uganda and part of my job was to upload some of the photos that were being taken to Sweet Sleep’s Facebook page.  Well over 1,000 children were able to receive a bed, a net and a Bible, and to see the joy on their faces captured in a photograph was absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the bigger picture when focused on the small details, but I’ve discovered that an internship with Sweet Sleep indirectly helps raise money to buy beds for orphans in need.  In fact, my 4 month internship will allow Sweet Sleep to use the money saved to buy about 100 beds.  Ultimately, this internship has shown me how important each member of this organization is.  The Lord has given each of us unique gifts (giving, service, administration, teaching, etc.), but in order to fully utilize these gifts, we need all the members of the Body actively working together to advance God’s Kingdom.  So, whether it’s through a donation, an internship, or a trip, we all play a significant role in helping the lost and the broken. If you or someone you know is interested in an internship at Sweet Sleep please contact Tim Pereira at Be a part of this life changing ministry by giving a one time donation or Be a Bedhead and help provide beds each month for orphans across the world. Every weekday in February Sweet Sleep is Sharing Love through stories from individuals, churches and other partners who have helped us show love to orphans around the world by giving them a bed. Go to and find out more about Sharing Love.]]>