Mission Possible Kids, Seymour, Indiana

Sharing Love February inspired many people to do something for orphaned and abandoned children around the world. We are so grateful for the continued encouragement not to mention funding we are getting in response to the stories that have been shared. Today we hear from a group of “special agents” in Seymour Indiana who have been on a mission to help Sweet Sleep build beds.
I am the director of our local chapter of Mission Possible Kids. In this cool, ‘hands- on’ mission club, elementary aged kids are “special agents doing God’s work”. We “go on missions” each month, and in January we partnered with Sweet Sleep. Through your photos I was able to relay to our agents the devastating conditions in which our friends sleep on the other side of the world. It left nobody in our room longing for one of those old beds! I was able to share with the children your passion and mission of providing a new, fresh bed for every head, and your chosen mission scripture of Proverbs 3:24. That night our agents worked hard and hand-made 50 heart shaped fleece pillows for your organization to distribute with every new bed you provide! But we also wanted to be able to provide you with more than just sweet pillows. We wanted to be able to send as well a nice monetary contribution to enable you to keep doing what you do in providing complete bed sets to the orphans. So we embarked in another mission we called, “Sweet Sleep- Part Two”. Through the Saturdays in February we set up a fundraising station in the foyer of our church serving hotdogs, Gatorade, and snacks to the basketball league traffic that was passing through (see attached photos). We had prepared and set out for display a full poster board of Sweet Sleep pictures and continuously played a dvd stating our mission and including your videoclip, “We Must Go.” With God’s blessing and the hard work from the agents we were able to meet our goal of raising $1000.00!!!! So you may be wondering, “Why Sweet Sleep”? Of all the great organizations we partner with, why the extra energy and effort in accomplishing the mission in two parts with Sweet Sleep? Perhaps …the other side of the world is not that far away. You see, one of our agents was born in Ukraine. Only 6 years ago, her little bed was like one we see in your photos. If I shut my eyes I can still smell the very room where she slept, and see the all the little beds lined up side by side in multiples. Anyone who has smelled this smell and seen this sight is forever propelled to do whatever it is they can to provide love and hope for these forgotten. The agent I speak of is my little girl. Thank you, Sweet Sleep, for being committed in your mission. We are very happy to be able to support your worthwhile work! Martha Brown
Director, Mission Possible Kids Seymour, Indiana
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If your church group or organization would like more information on how you can raise funds and build beds for orphans through our Build-a-Bed, Nickels for Nets or other programs, contact Sarah at We only need a few more nets!
We are so close to our goal of 568 nets for newly registered HIV+ orphans who are came out of hiding in Uganda. We still need you to buy nets for only $8 a net. Please give at Mark “Gulu net” in the comments box.]]>