International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day. So much of what Sweet Sleep does empowers women. Most of the caretakers in every country we serve are women. Especially in Africa these women are almost always widows and are as such, as vulnerable and unable to take care of themselves as the children. But by caring for the orphans, they are cared for themselves. In addition in Uganda, Sweet Sleep by purchases magazine bead necklaces from these widows, and as a result we are providing employment, security, and independence.
The caretakers in Moldovan orphanages are no different. They are teachers, nurturers and are the first line of responsibility for these children in that country as well. We want to show them how valued they are. Tomorrow we send a team to distribute beds in Moldova. Since it is so close to International Women’s Day we are celebrating these women by bringing them a rose or other flower and some chocolates or other small treats as a token of how much we appreciate their presence in these children’s lives. Please begin praying for the trip next week and celebrate a woman in your life today.]]>