Message from Lucia in Moldova

Lucia Hmleic about that trip.

Starting the 11 of March we’ll have a team of people doing a great project in Hlinoe, a small community in the south west of the Transnistrian region. It is always a challenge to go in that region: to pass the Russian military army (Peace Corps) posts; to never know if the customs officer will allow you to pass or will say “It’s better for you if you did not entered our country”; to know that there are certain things that you’re not supposed to talk about while you’re there, to wait and see if the registration with the passport office will go well…  It is a tensed time. One thing we know for sure is that there are a bunch of orphaned children that need a cozy bed, for a good night sleep.  So we’re taking our chances and let God be our guide and defender. Despite the political situation in the region the people are very friendly. The director of the orphanage has a great heart for the kids this is why he opened the doors for us to bring the beds and alongside them the Message of God’s Love.   We plan to provide 100 beds this time, and have a very interesting creative VBS program for a number of 230 children. Every day we’ll do a part of the beds, the children will be helping us. Have a time of sharing the story of God’s love for them and explain that the bed is the expression of that love. Help them understand that God is the one that loves them so much despite of all that’s going on in their lives.  Yes we know that God has the orphaned children of Transinstria in His mind and would like them to know that too. He wants them to have a sweet night sleep to and know that He loves and cares. Lucia]]>