God is the Father to the fatherless

Wow. It is always intimidating to start a blog, knowing that so many are thirsty for words regarding our mission work. We’ve been preparing for months-God has been preparing our hearts for even longer. But now the moment is here, and all I can say is, “Wow!” This trip has so far been the most challenging and most rewarding journey I have ever been blessed to be a part of. But God is always faithful, and His plan and love always shines through, even when the Light is dim in a place like Transnistria. Obviously, bed building is one of our main priorities, so every morning we have commenced with breaking out the sheets and screws and breaking into a sweat. Some of the older boys at the orphanage (around age 13-16 or so) had been given permission to come help us everyday, and let me tell you, help they certainly did! Many of our boys back home could use a lesson from these guys in the art of chivalry, as not a one would hesitate to take something heavy from your arms or let you walk through a door before they did. It is amazing to me that these kids, despite their lack of food, education, etc, made sure that our female, American arms were relieved. Ha, what gentlemen!
What struck me the most, though, about these boys is their utter desire for an older male figure to look up to. Our team has been blessed with two amazing, Texan, hard-working men (Wes and Rob!), who the boys immediately latched onto. They follow Wes and Rob everywhere, paying close attention to instruction about using drills and how to assemble beds, and laugh and smile and ask so many questions when shown pictures of families back home. The boys so desired the attention of Wes and Rob, and love they certainly received. This is one thing that has struck me the most-I have such a wonderful dad, and these kids literally only have 6 men in their lives, all teachers. And while this is unfortunate for the girls, it is an utter tragedy for the boys. So, to see the beautiful smiles, joy, happiness, and love that Wes and Rob gave to these boys, though temporary, there is no doubt that a life-long impact has been made. And above all, while these children may not have earthly fathers, God is the Father to the fatherless, and loves these kids more than words could every say. There is so much more I wish I could write, however I fear that there is not enough room in the world to store up words to describe what has occurred in the past several days. However, it is the images of the smiles, hugs, and beds that are literally worth a thousand words. Please continue to pray hard core for us. It already has made a huge difference, and will continue to do so. God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. With all my love, in HIS mighty name,
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