A Mother's Love…

It’s so hard to find words to express our experience here in Transnistria. Yesterday was our final day in the orphanage; beds were built; crafts were completed; Bible stories were all told; snacks were consumed. It was the orphans turn to share a little of themselves with us. Our team was treated to a concert performed by the children. Easily one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. We entered their auditorium and were immediately escorted to the front row where they had saved seats for us, the guests of honor. The performers were assembled off-stage to our right decked out in traditional costumes. Their smiling faces and fidgeting feet betrayed the excitement they were feeling, anxious to perform. The auditorium was suddenly filled with music accompanied by the audience clapping to the beat. As child after child took their place on stage to sing or dance I couldn’t help but be amazed by the amazing talent the children possessed. As I sat, watching and listening, smiling and clapping I began to imagine what my reaction to them would be if they were my very own children. How my heart would swell with joy and pride as I watched my child on stage. Then it hit me. These kids mama’s would never get to see how beautiful they turned out to be, how talented they were. As I watched a beautiful young lady, about the age of my own daughter) sing, tears sprung to my eyes. I tried to control them so that she wouldn’t catch me crying–I didn’t want her to think I was anything but thrilled by her performance. I wanted her to see reflected in my face what she might see in the face of her own mother if she were able to see her. So, I have a new prayer request for orphans everywhere; when you pray for God to meet their needs, don’t forget the intangibles–like seeing someone who thinks you hung the moon sitting on the front row applauding your every move. Pray that they won’t miss out on those experiences as well having comfy beds and Jesus in their hearts.
Arlene McDonald