Sweet Sleep is on the go

Here at Sweet Sleep we always seem to be on the go. We want to continue to celebrate the team’s return from Moldova, click here to see photos on FaceBook But before you know it we are off again to Uganda this June.  This summer we are once again offering a special Back2Back experience in Uganda. We will send one team the first week of June and another team the second week. But for those who have extra time in the summer we offer the opportunity to make an 18-day journey that bridges both weeks. For only about $500 more you can double your ministry experience with our Back2Back trip.

If you are interested in any of the Uganda trips this June, we are having a 
Special Uganda Informational Meeting 
on Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 pm 
at the Sweet Sleep office in Brentwood, 
116 Wilson Circle Pike, Suite 100 
(in the same building with Mazatlan’s near the Brentwood P.O.)
Uganda Experience – June
3 options – 2 different trips or a 1 extended trip
Gulu – June 1–11 – Open
Cost: $1200 – $1700 plus airfare
Team will be providing hundreds of beds kits to (probably) HIV+ children in northern Uganda. They will also be ministering to and sharing Bible stories to thousands of children, caretakers, and members of surrounding villages.
Kampala – June 6–18 – Open
Cost: $1200 – $1700 plus airfare
Team will be providing beds to children in an orphanage in Kampala. They will also be doing arts & crafts, leading Bible studies, and doing recreational activities with the children in the orphanage for the duration of the week.
Uganda Back 2 Back Experience – June 1–18 – Open
Cost: Open $1700 – $2200 plus airfare
Team members will be participating in both the Gulu week and the Kampala week. This is a great opportunity for students, teachers and others with extra time in the summer. Because airfare is a big part of the cost, for only about $500 more this trip almost doubles the ministry opportunity.

Application Due April 1 for all three trip options]]>