Why I'm a bedhead…

We love our Bedheads! Here is a rerun of a story from Bedhead Alyson Walker. Alyson has also participated in our Uganda mission trips. You can be Bedhead now or join us on an upcoming Uganda trip this summer. Our Uganda mission trip info meeting is Thursday, March 29 at 6:30 pm at the Sweet Sleep office in Brentwood, 116 Wilson Circle Pike, Suite 100 (in the same building with Mazatlan’s near the Brentwood P.O.). Contact for more info.

Why I’m a bedhead…

A few years ago, I became familiar with Sweet Sleep at a conference. I never had thought about how children were sleeping. It just broke my heart to think children, especially orphaned and abandoned children, were sleeping in such terrible conditions.
As a preschool minister at my church, I suggested that we give our VBS offering to Sweet Sleep last year – participating in their Build-A-Bed program. Our kids loved it!
Later, our staff was challenged to read “Radical” by David Platt. After reading it, I saw that Sweet Sleep was going to Gulu, Uganda and I felt that I should step out and go. I am so thankful that I was able to join the work of Sweet Sleep. I saw first hand the children that got new Sweet Sleep beds. Seeing how excited they were for a bed was an amazing experience. I even had the privilege of going to a home and setting up their new beds and nets. The children said they could not wait for bed time to come. I don’t know many children who are excited about bed time here at home.
After returning from Uganda I wanted to do more. Becoming a bedhead is a simple way to help each month. Every penny counts and helps children sleep sweetly.
Alyson Walker is currently serving as Minister to Families with Preschoolers at South Tulsa Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has led Sweet Sleep’s Build-A-Bed and Nickels for Nets Projects in her church, is serving as a Sweet Sleep Regional Rep for her state and is looking forward to going to Cape Town South Africa with Sweet Sleep this November.