I believe in Sweet Sleep. And I'm a bedhead.

We love our Bedheads! Here is a rerun of a story from Bedhead Ashley Hamm. You can be Bedhead too by making a gift of $30 a month or more at You’ll even get a cozy Sweet Sleep tee for signing up.

Ashley Hamm and her husband, Clay. 
Today, there are many organizations that are doing great things — with countless opportunities to serve, volunteer, give, and participate in life-changing movements. The endless availability of these foundations that offer and implement much-needed change around the world is amazing, but choosing the right place for your contributions is a difficult decision. My heart was broken when I first heard the story of Sweet Sleep several years ago. Sweet Sleep, started by a sweet family friend, takes care of our future leaders, teachers, parents, innovators, and world-changers by providing a soft place for orphans around the world to lay their heads at night — to rest their minds and bodies. A few months ago, while complaining about the discomfort of my 8-inch-thick, pillow-top mattress, I began looking into the price of a much-coveted and absurdly expensive memory foam mattress. I hear they are amazing. However, around the same time, my sister (and friend) was on a mission trip with Sweet Sleep to Gulu, Uganda. Doing the math, I realized that the price of the mattress that would allow me to jump on my bed without spilling a glass of water, could provide over 30 orphaned children in Africa a bed, a mosquito net, bedding, and a mattress. Enter humility. I didn’t need a fancy mattress to help me sleep better after all. Peace of mind has worked just as well. I am a bedhead because it helps me fall asleep knowing that I am contributing to the comfort of someone on the other side of the world, who is also trying to sleep sweetly. I am a bedhead because I know that when life is hard, a sweet sleep is a great escape; a sweet sleep means a fresh start — a rested mind, heart, and soul. I am a bedhead because I believe in this organization, its mission, its purpose and its integrity. I believe in Jen Gash and her hard work. I believe Sweet Sleep is fighting to ensure that thousands of abandoned and orphaned children have the opportunity to wake each morning with strength. And I believe in the future of these children. Sweet Sleep is doing amazing things. Just $30 a month can make a great impact. That’s a dollar a day saving thousands of lives; preventing hundreds of illnesses; and allowing millions of sweet dreams. If you are able, join me in becoming a bedhead and helping orphaned and abandoned children around the world sleep sweelty. Just go to and make your gift of $30 a month or more.
You’ll even get a cozy Sweet Sleep tee for signing up.
Ashley Hamm is an entrepreneur who lives on Okaloosa Island in the panhandle of Florida with her husband Clay, who currently serves in the U.S. Air Force. Ashley recently graduated with an International Business degree and now hopes to share her passion about global issues through her writing and lifestyle.]]>