Thankful to be in Kampala

There is nothing in this world quite like walking into a room and seeing one thousand sweet smiling children worshiping God with all their heart. I can not possibly put into words the amount of joy and thankfulness these beautiful children have because of Sweet Sleep coming across the world to provide beds for them.  As we praised God together my hands became intertwined with sweet children who were eager to be held, my eyes were looking at beautiful brown eyes that had stories begging for someone to listen to. After the worship service we saw the floors and thin foams that the children slept on that will soon be replaced with new mattresses and beds that will allow them to have a bed to call their own.    Today I met a man who is a teacher at the school in the northern region of Uganda where Sweet Sleep also provides beds who was once abducted by the LRA and forced to do terrible things after watching his parents die. He escaped and still has things to this day he simply can not talk about because of how much pain it has caused in his life. He told me that a lot of the kids at the orphanage had similar pasts and have difficulty talking about it.  The beds we will be providing are going to  these kids. Sweet Sleep provides more than just a bed they provide hope and spark inspiration in the children. Sweet Sleep is changing the lives of children in Uganda. Through Sweet Sleep of I have seen thousands of orphans lives drastically impacted and changed for the better.  The children we will be working with are lucky because they will be receiving their beds tomorrow. However there are still thousands or orphans in Uganda who still need beds. As you spend time with your family and sleep in your bed tonight I ask you to think about the children who will be sleeping on the floor for the last time tonight and those who are still in need.   On behalf of the children, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping them be able to sleep sweetly. I am so thankful to be back in Uganda for the fifth time with Sweet Sleep. The reason I love Sweet Sleep is because I have seen the impact that Sweet Sleep has had in the children it serves. Sweet Sleep is the only ministry of its kind and without it and your help, thousands of orphans would remain sleeping a cold concrete floor. Tory Wolf <> June 11, 2012 ]]>