A Day of Education

Hello my name is Shannon Triplett.  I am from Quincy IL. Today was a terrific day for me.  I was able to be entertained by the nursery school children in the morning.  I went in to the classroom not knowing what to expect.  I didn’t know how the kids would react to us being in the classroom.  I was surprised at the knowledge of these children.  I couldn’t teach them anything as they already knew everything from ABC’s and 123’s to vowel sounds and colors.   It was amazing how well the teachers are doing.  One thing I have taken away from today is the structure in the classroom from the teachers.  My mother in law has been a teacher of 2ndgrade for several years and I have seen her in action with her class and these teachers give the same love and demand the same respect as she does.  I credit these teachers with 5 stars especially teaching children from different cultures and speaking different dialects of a language and bringing the kids together to learn.   This afternoon I was able to assist in teaching the story of Jonah and the Whale.  We were able to play a game Red Light and Green Light with the Primary Children which was a blast.  We also got to play with parachutes and been bags.  Another thing I take away is the genuine love and caring the children of Good Samaritan Home give to you.  They go totally out of the way to say thank you.  The children cling to you from the time you get there to the time you leave.  I spent time with a little girl today just rubbing her back.  That is probably the most caring attention she has had in a long time or even forever.   From that time on she was pretty much by my side the rest of the day.    I applaud the administration and staff of the Good Samaritan Home that are spending their lives trying to make these cast away children loving  and caring productive people in the Ugandan society.  You could say I was suppose to assist in giving the children an education, but it is the children and staff of the facility that have educated me!!  ]]>