Hope in Uganda

Each year that I am blessed with the opportunity to come back to Uganda, I am overwhelmed with the amount of joy that is found in each of the citizens. Today was the wonderful bed delivery day. As we begin putting the beds into the rooms, the new owner’s of the beds lined up excitedly outside the doors. I could hear them singing “We are so happy! We are so happy!” It is such an overwhelming gift to be a part of this day. This year we were able to distribute 120 beds within the Good Samaritan Home. These beds not only mean a clean place for these children, but they also represent hope…hope in a new future, hope for physical wellness and rest, hope for promises made. These beds not only allow the children to sleep, but the nets given to them to protect them from malaria and the blankets remind them of Jesus’ arms surrounding them. Thank you to each one of you who donated to this journey. Your gifts can never be measured. The more time I spend learning about the country and visiting the country, I learn more about the resilience of these people. My love for our work here comes from the hope and empowerment we seem to be giving them. The people have felt defeated for so long. Whether it is due to civil wars, struggling governments, or simply not coexisting well, they have been broken for quite some time. The ministry of Sweet Sleep not only provides a physical need, but the gift of empowerment as well. My hope and prayer for this country has always been empowerment and sustainability. I hope to somehow be a small part of bringing the country back together. My favorite part of the day has to be my time spent with Apostle Alex Mitala. He is the founder of the Good Samaritan Home. His passion for his country is contagious. He shared with us that he also hopes so much for this country to become independent again, to be strong, and to produce leaders. In the Good Samaritan Home, they strive not just to educate but to teach the students how to transform into the leaders they can be. He teaches five core beliefs to the students: Jesus in me, the Holy Spirit in me, the Word of God in me, education in my head, and money in my pocket. With these five beliefs, he is investing in them as people. Apostle Alex knows that many of his students will go on to be great leaders in Uganda, perhaps even a President. His hope in their country today was such an emotional experience for me. It is truly my hope for them as well. I ask you today that you will join me in prayer for this country. Pray for transformation of the government and of the people. I pray for Apostle Alex as he not only instills these values in the children at Good Samaritan Home, but also as he travels the country to instill this in other pastors and leaders. Pray that his ministry will catch on fire and that all will value their citizens and empower them. Pray for the 20 students that have graduated from Good Samaritan Home and are now in vocational school. I feel God’s hands on these people, and I believe their future is optimistic. Thank you for joining me in these prayers. I’ll leave today with a fun memory. I met a little boy named Shadrak. He was precious and is a wonderful example of the simple joy possessed by all. Amanda]]>