Called to go

God has shown his grace and love to the “least of these” over and over in His word and He demands that we do the same. We are all called in some way to take care of these precious children of His. Some are called to give, some are called to pray and others are called to go.  I have been blessed with many church members who were called to give. Through these people, the children were able to receive many supplies that I would not have been able to provide on my own. Every team member and every child has been diligently prayed for for months because of those who were called to pray; and this specific team has been called to go. Yesterday we spent our day with the nursery classes in the morning and the P-3 and P-4 or 3rd and 4thgrade classes in the afternoon. We had four different stations and the children rotated until they completed them all. Amanda and I got to teach Bible 101 as our “station.” During this time we got to share the story of Jonah and the whale. The children got to use markers and by the look on their faces, it was for the very first time. They colored a picture of Jonah and the whale and with all the excitement, they were still able to “use their manners” and were the most well behaved group of students I have taught. After the children were finished I collected the coloring sheets and Amanda collected the markers. Every child there is so grateful and all gave a genuine thank you on the way out the door. One “thank you” in particular caught my attention. This small beautiful boy who could have been no older than 6 years handed me his paper and instead of saying “thank you for the markers,” or, “thank you for the bed,s” or, “thank you for playing with us,” he said,  “thank you for coming.” Of course I gave a huge smile and a “you are more than welcome, thank you for having us” but inside I was in awe. God used that one, small precious child to reassure me that I have been called to go.  Cayla Brooks]]>