God is Sufficient

For the past three years I have been blessed with the opportunity to come to Uganda. I am always excited to get into the country to spend time with the children here. This year was just the same; I could not wait to see the smiling faces of the kids and to have the opportunity to give them beds. Although I know that God is constantly moving and stretching us in our lives, I can never predict where He will take these trips. He provides opportunities for us to meet new people, see Christ in others, learn new things, and be humbled as well. This trip was no different. My team is full of some of the most incredible people I have ever met. People that are outgoing, reserved, teachers, leaders, creative, spiritual, and more things than I can begin to name. Each of them has unselfishly brought their gifts and talents that God has blessed them with and laid them down to be used according to His purpose. There have been times of joy when we were able to provide for a child’s needs, and there have been times of heartache when we have not. Today was a day when heartache was felt by many of our team members. We met a child with a need that at the time we could not meet. He was older and well spoken, frustrated and confused by God. He loves the Lord, but he cannot understand why some children’s needs are met when he also has prayed. He shared that he felt God had delayed His answer. My heart broke for him. Josephine spoke such words of wisdom to him; they were truly words from God. She spoke with him about how he is also special to God, and that God had not delayed his support, but that God’s timing is perfect. She encouraged him to never doubt God’s timing, but know that the Lord is looking down on him always. It’s days like these when I think back to all the times I have questioned God on why not now? Why not soon? My needs that I often question are so trivial. They are not life threatening…they have nothing to do with my health…they are selfish, yet I find myself frustrated or sad when I pray consistently for them. The boy, Francis, made me speechless today. God’s plan for this trip for me was far greater than I could have imagined. I am thankful that God continues to break me and humble me…I am nothing without Him. I should never question His timing just as Josephine assured the boy Francis that God would meet his needs, so should I be confident in God’s plan for my life. I can say with much joy that my team members have joined together to work on meeting Francis’ needs. They will be met soon in the future. I hate that it had to take Francis’ heartache and confusion to make the picture clear for me. God is sufficient. He is all-knowing. He is love. Speaking with Francis today just continues to make me more aware of the needs here in Uganda. There are always children in need, and my heart somehow wants to help all of them. I know that is not possible, but I know that God is also moving in this country. If any of this moves your heart, please pray about how God can use your for this country. Thank you for all your prayers this week. Our team has had such a sweet time with the children. The children’s blind and never failing faith has caused all of us to grow. I can only pray that this fire God has once again lit in my life will not be extinguished by my life back in Nashville. Tomorrow we will go to the Good Samaritan Home one last time to shower the children with a birthday party. Oh how they deserve this. Some probably have never celebrated their birthdays before or maybe not even know when theirs is. It will be a time for laughter and joy. Please pray that the gifts will be like the fishes and loaves, and that each child will get something that makes them feel unique. Pray that they will understand though we leave tomorrow, God never leaves them. Pray that somehow we can continue to meet the needs of Uganda and also empower them through this. Thank you. Amanda Update from Facebook: Amanda’s status: “A wonderful day…we were blessed to celebrate the lives of 520 children and many teachers and care givers! We were able to meet Francis’ needs and spend time rejoicing 🙂 I hate that this week has flown by.”]]>