Telling their Story

This year in particular I was inspired by Pastor Alex at the Good Samaritan Home. He has such vision for the children in his home. We believes in each one of them. He wants to know their dreams, and he wants to help them achieve it. As the week continued, we were so blessed to develop relationships with the children. We learned that they dreamed of going on to high school…to college…and on into careers. The children want to  be teachers…doctors…lawyers…pilots…social workers…and more. They dream just like each child does here in America. Their hopes are like our hopes…their God is our God. Their future can be just like our future.

I’m encouraged by these thoughts each year. I too have joined in with Pastor Alex in seeing Uganda’s future. I am so excited and hope that God opens doors for me to continue to be a part of it. I want to be open and willing to go and do whatever He calls me to do. As I re-enter Nashville life, I want to remember each one of the children’s dreams and hopes. I want to commit to praying for them, and that they will have the opportunities to fulfill their dreams. I think one of my favorite things about God is how big He is! I cannot wait to see how Uganda’s future unfolds. My hope for this year is to never forget, to feel passion for the children of the country as if I see them daily. Trying to live in today’s world unselfishly is hard; I’m scared as I get back into my “routine” I’m going to just focus on me again. But I have the stories of the kids, I have the pictures, and I have the memories. I’m going to keep sharing…I’m going to try to keep going…and most importantly I’m going to keep praying. I know God can totally do it without me, but I hope to be a part of it in some small way 🙂

Amanda Calhoun
As the Sweet Sleep team welcomes the Kampala Team home, we prepare to send another team that will be reaching children in Gulu and Kampala, UgandaJoin us in prayer and thanksgiving that the Lord has provided yet another opportunity to provide beds for these sweet children.
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When you lie down,  you will not be afraid; when you lie down your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24