When God speaks, You listen.

I’m Spencer Key and I want to update you on the upcoming mission trip to Uganda.  Less than one month from today we will be on the ground in Uganda.  16 of us will be heading to Uganda, partnering with Sweet Sleep to build bunk beds, and distribute mattresses and mosquito nets to children.  I don’t know exactly what we will be doing there, but I do know that we will be responding to the call from God to go.
When God lays His hand on you and says to trust Him, what else can you do?  For my wife Debbie and I both to be able to go, this has to be a God-thing.  It has been such a blessing to see God accomplish this.  
Uganda has the highest proportion of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS worldwide.  The country has a population of 32 million, and of that 2.5 million are orphans.  Armed conflict that lasted over 10 years displaced almost 2 million people and resulted in the abduction of over 60 thousand children.  We are going because God has called us.
Last year when the kids came back from camp and mentioned a mission trip to Africa, little did I know that God would be calling me to join Him in His work there.  I try to do things, locally, to help out those needs here close to home.  I give money to those far-off endeavors.  But when God speaks, you listen and respond.  The Lord has a schedule, a plan, of where I’m supposed to be, whose lives I am to touch, and how He is going to touch my life.
I just want to be his hands and feet, and I thank you for your support and pray that you will be blessed by our trip as much as we will for going.  Your prayers, beginning now, for us in preparation, as well as your continued prayers for us while we are en route and on location, will engage you in fulfilling God’s will and purpose for the trip.  I plan on taking as many photos and videos as possible.  We want you, our faithful brothers and sisters to be engaged in this mission endeavor with us, and thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support.
I’ll leave you with two words that have become a part of my spiritual life, engage and intentional.  I want to become engaged in God’s work.  I want you to become engaged in this mission trip.  Let it become your mission trip also, through your prayers and support.  I want to be intentional in my thoughts, my talk and my actions.  I want all that I do and say to shine light on the love of Jesus, not on myself.  To let His love flow through me.  I want to encourage you to become engaged and intentional this week and for the weeks to come.  Engage in prayer for this mission trip.  Become engaged with the church.  Become engaged and intentional with those you encounter this week.  Be Christ to those you come in contact with.
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