Who’s Free?

 When you watch a young grandson explore his world of creative energy and imagination, it’s interesting to contrast his view of freedom with yours.  He loves his play through toys, movies, an ipad, food, and even light “jobs”. He may not want to learn the most basic things like “potty training,” yet he loves to have his “computer time” where He loves to learn new things. His freedom is both limited and expanded by the environment his parents and siblings build. What makes him free when he doesn’t always have a choice of what he can do? And how is that freedom different from a child, whose parents have been killed in a third world country living in new limited reality as an orphan?
One of the things I love about the freedom we have in Christ is that children can be free no matter their country, culture, environment, or family. When is a person is free in Christ they are “free indeed”. Freedom in Christ is not only an expression that is lived out in the American dream. It’s possible (and maybe more probable) in countries, families, and schools, where it may not be exercised.
Freedom in Christ provides the opportunity for every child to love, trust, and obey, which is the essence of spiritual growth. A child of God can experience love in the best sense. She can know the love of God and how He gave himself. A child can learn to trust—to extend all fears and reach out and be cared for—to have a place where they can be assured. A child can learn to obey—to follow direction and instruction.
Freedom during this Independence Day season is a good time to reflect on our freedom—to imagine what our lives would be like if we were not born into the country and family we have. It gives us the opportunity to also love, trust, and obey. We can share the love of God. We can help children trust their heavenly Father. We can help others learn discipline and obedience in following God’s direction. This day helps us think about what we have. It also helps us to own the responsibility to help others realize they can have freedom in Christ, no matter other freedoms available.
One of the things I love about Sweet Sleep is that it gives me a tangible way to share our freedom with children, one at a time. To help them have rest in their own space. To help them tangibly understand there is a Father looking out for them. And that He wants them to experience His love; learn to trust; decide to obey; to be free in Christ.
·       – My grandchild is very blessed. He is making choices and learning in a great home environment. I want others to have that opportunity.
·       — Freedom in Christ is possible globally, in every part of the world.
·       -Our spiritual freedom is given as we love, trust, and obey.
·      –  Freedom implies responsibility.
·       – We can make a difference in every child’s life, especially those that need to know the Father’s love. 
     Gary Hauk