Children burdened for children.

As VBS is in full swing, we have been keeping up with those churches who have chosen to partner with Sweet Sleep this summer!  Several churches across the country have been giving their offerings and sharing the mission of Sweet Sleep through our programs Build-A-Bed and Nickels for Nets through.  
To kick off our story telling of how the Lord is at work through these sweet children, is Phil Hoyt.  Phil is the preschool pastor at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, Tennessee and we were able to get a recap of their incredible week of VBS.
“2012 was our 2nd year to feature Sweet Sleep as our designated Mission Emphasis.  We had a great VBS! Our church is large, so we have a special Rally Time each day just for the older preschoolers (3’s through Pre K).
Each of the 12 classes collected their money in their metal bucket and brought it to our Rally Time where they got to dump it into the container with everyone’s money. They loved seeing the “pile” of money grow and grow each day.
The children really related to the concept of helping other children have a comfortable, clean and safe bed to sleep in. We have many comments from parents about what their child had learned through the ministry of Sweet Sleep. The children had a genuine burden to bring their offering each day to help us “Buy A Bed.”  We were please and blessed to be able to send $1,629.76 to Sweet Sleep.” –Phil Hoyt

Isn’t that just awesome: Children longing to help other children in need. The Lord is so good, and we love seeing children burdened by those who are their same age and realizing the need for beds!

The Sweet Sleep team gives First Baptist Church of Hendersonville a sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts that they would partner with us a second time for orphaned and abandoned children around the world.  Thanks to you there are now children who will most surely have a sweet sleep from this day forward.
Be on the look out for more stories of how the Lord is at work through VBS’s all over this summer!

Looking to get your group involved in helping serve the orphaned and abaonded children of the world by providing them with sweet sleep?  Click here to see how you can be a part of being the change!