Sharing Jesus Globally

Our friend Eddie Humphrey at First Baptist Chuch in Belton, Texas serves as the minister of Childhood Education.  Read along as he shares how partnering with Sweet Sleep for their VBS has opened their children’s’ eyes to serving orphaned abandoned children on the “other side of the globe!”
” I became aware of Sweet Sleep for the very first time in October 2011 at the LifeWay Kids Ministry Conference in Nashville, TN. The volunteers at the informational booth were very helpful and were able to verbalize the Mission of Sweet Sleep quite easily. I knew right then and there that this was going to be the focus of our upcoming VBS 2012 Missions Offering. 
A portion of our church’s mission statement is to, “Share Jesus Globally.” I believe that donating money to help provide beds for orphans in “far away” places was both an important and easy vision to share with children in our community. The mission of Sweet Sleep, specifically Build a Bed, was going to be a perfect fit in challenging our children and their families to consider helping others whom they probably will never meet and who live on the “other side of the globe.”
Our VBS took place this Summer from June 18-22nd. We took a daily Missions Offering in our Opening Assembly. We challenged the boys and girls to bring as many coins as they possibly could. We would then take the buckets of coins and weigh them on our “Scale of Wonder” to determine who gave the most weight in coins each day. The winning team had the opportunity to eat their refreshments first during Snack Time. 
We had two goals for the week. The first goal was to raise enough money to provide (60) beds for orphans in Northern Uganda, or $3,000. If we met this goal, then a portion of my Staff would have a “Hair Raising Experience” LIVE on Stage during our Closing Rally on Friday (spray painted hair, hair cut and a marshmallow shampoo). Our secondary goal was to raise $4,000, enough money to help (80) children. If we achieved this goal, then I would have my head shaved on Stage, in front of everybody! 
I am so happy to share with you that God truly blessed our Offering efforts. The boys, girls and families of our church were quite generous and sacrificial in their giving……..we raised $5,000. (His head was shaved!) Since the cost per bed in Northern Uganda is $50, that means (100) children will receive a bed, a mosquito net and a Bible because boys and girls in Central Texas were gracious enough to give to Sweet Sleep. I look forward to partnering with Sweet Sleep in future VBS Mission Offerings.To God be the Glory!”**
Eddie Humphrey
**stay tuned for pictures of this week of VBS!