Our Sweet Sleep Journey

Last summer (2011), our church was attending CentriKid Camp and Jon Merryman was our Camp Pastor. One day during worship, he shared a video and spoke about Sweet Sleep and how we could get involved and even customize a trip of our own. Immediately after the worship time was over, there were 3 young ladies (who had come to camp as team assistants/sponsors) who were overwhelmed with excitement and ready to go and provide beds to children. 
Our prayer/commissioning time for our team from this past Sunday morning’s worship service.
So, in August, we began making phone calls to Sweet Sleep, our church began praying, and by December, our trip was being planned. In January, we had our first formal interest meeting, and God began building our team.  Over the past 7 months, we have truly come together and seen God’s hand in every aspect of our planning and preparation. 
When we began, many of us were merely acquaintances, but as we have prepared for this journey, we have seen how God has woven us together, with our varied talents and abilities, to serve Him in Uganda. As a team, we have already become close friends, and by August 2nd when we return, we know that we will have an unbreakable bond as brothers and sisters in Christ that we hope will overflow into our entire church and community.
                                                                                                   By Kelzye Isham and Renee Russell