Community Support

As we have been preparing for our Sweet Sleep mission journey to Uganda, the team members have been overwhelmed by the support received from our community of just over 3,000 people. From co-workers, friends, and family, the outpouring has been tremendous. Our community has a long and strong history of pitching in to help. When community members experience a major illness, blood or bone marrow drives have been conducted. When fires or accidents devastate a family, arms encircle them in their time of need.
Being in a small town, people and businesses are constantly bombarded with requests to help out financially for community organizations, school groups, athletic groups, youth groups, church camps, etc. It seems that everyone gets the request to give money or buy something many times each year, and they generally will respond in the affirmative. When it came to fundraising for this trip, people graciously chipped in to help make this trip possible.
Our community has also been providing support in many other ways as well: Having friends and co-workers offer up prayers and sharing words of encouragement; Having them ask about the trip preparations, those we will be ministering to, even about the shots required for the trip; Having a boss or supervisor tell you not to worry about a thing while you’re gone. Also, we have truly been blessed with notes of encouragement, wall posts on our FBC Olney Sweet Sleep Mission Trip Facebook Page, and phone calls.
Being from a small town, we have grown accustomed to seeing such examples of community support. Regardless of the need, caring hearts and able hands have stood ready to step up and help out. We try not to take this support for granted.
There will only be 16 of us physically present in Uganda for two weeks, but hundreds more will have been supporting us for the many months leading up to the trip, and during the trip itself. We will be an extension of each of them, being Christ’s hands and feet to the children of Uganda, helping them have sweet sleep.
Thank you, for the ways that you have supported, and will continue to support us.  -Spencer Key