Small Town Fundraising

When we began planning our trip in December 2011, we knew that fundraising would need to be a priority. Throughout the last six months, our team has been involved in a variety of activities to help make this journey possible financially. We have truly been blessed continually by the support of our families, friends, church, and community.
The following is a list of ways our team was able to raise the money to send 16 individuals to minister in Uganda and to have the ability to provide over 665 beds to children.
Cake Ball Fundraiser – We sold over 5600 cake balls (which is almost 2 cake balls per person in the city of Olney) for Valentine’s Day.
Bottles for Beds – We provided over 30, 1 gallon, bottles of water to church families for them to drink and then fill with coins over four months.
Crockpot Lunch

Crockpot Lunch
Crockpot Lunch Fundraiser – We asked church members to bring crockpot meals and side dishes for a lunch after church at a cost of $5/person, and we then placed buckets in front of each crockpot so that members could “cast their vote” for their favorite dish by placing money in the buckets.
Scentsy Fundraiser – Team members sold Scentsy items, such as wickless candles, in person and online.
Baked Potato Lunch Fundraiser and Blankets for Beds Silent Auction – We provided a baked potato lunch, including salad, baked potatoes with all the toppings, dessert, and a drink for $5/person. We then held a silent auction for handmade blankets and quilts provided by church members.
Garage Sale – We held a garage sale in our church parking lot of items donated by church members.
Scrap Metal Collection – We picked up scrap metal donations and sold them to a collection center.
Mission Journey Support Letters – We mailed these to family and friends seeking their financial support.
Extra Jobs – We had several church and team members take on an extra job or two to raise money by mowing yards, cooking weekday meals for families, detailing vehicles, selling items such as Pampered Chef, and working for local businesses and organizations in Olney.
Donations – We have been blessed to receive contributions from individuals who have been committed to giving to the mission trip over the past six months.
As we planned and prepared for this journey, we wanted to ensure that everyone who helped provide for us financially through the above and through prayer felt that this was their mission trip. We cannot put into words how much we appreciate all that has been done to help our team financially. It has been amazing to see everyone come together to support us through finances and prayer. Thank you to everyone who has been such a vital part of this journey.
                                                                                    In Christ, Renee Russell
If you have helped raise funding for a trip in a creative way, we want to know all about it!  Email us at w/ your experience or ideas!