By The Numbers

8,500 miles – Olney, Texas to Kampala, Uganda
18:45 Hours in the air, 3:45 hours on the ground, 22:30 hours total
3 different planes
4 different countries
3 continents
16 people-7 men, 2 women, 7 teens
14 days
Hundreds of mattresses
Thousands of children
1 orphanage
Dozens of Bunk beds
From a town of 3,000 people, to cities of 150,000 (Gulu) and 1.5 million (Kampala)
Texas – 268,568 sq. miles, Uganda – 91,136 sq. miles
$3,400 per person cost of trip
$8 provides a mosquito net to orphans in Africa or Haiti.
$10 provides a Bible to an orphan in his or her language.
$50 provides a bed and bedding for orphan resettlement kits in northern Uganda.
$125 provides a healthy, comfortable new Sweet Sleep bed for a child in Africa.
Life expectancy – Uganda 54, US 78
Estimated population living with HIV/AIDS – 1.2 million in Uganda (150,000 under the age of 15), 1.2 million in US (10,769 under the age of 15)
Under 17, orphaned due to AIDS – 1.2 million in Uganda, no numbers even reported in US
Under 17, orphaned by all causes 2.7million in Uganda, 2.1 million in US
49% of the country’s population is under the age of 15, and of that, 20% live in orphanages. Uganda has the highest proportion of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS worldwide.
What can we expect to give to the people we come in contact with?  What we can give them is LOVE… being the hands and feet of Jesus. Introduce them to Him. Share our relationship and experiences with Jesus with them, and help them develop a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus. We can give them hugs, smiles, laughter, games, crafts, Bible stories, testimonies, devotions… We can give them a bed, a Sweet Sleep… a Bible, a mosquito net and a mattress.
We depart Texas today,  July 20th, and we ask y’all to pray for us daily while we are gone. We’ll be posting updates, photos and videos daily. Without your prayers and financial support, this trip would not even be possible. We feel such peace and power in the midst of our preparations. Thank you, and please keep it up. Feel free to respond on our Facebook page ( FBC Olney Sweet Sleep Mission Trip Facebook Page ) with words of encouragement to us.                                                                                ~ By Spencer Key