Celebrating 3 years in Uganda!

Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of Sweet Sleep in Uganda, can you believe it?!  It’s hard to comprehend the immense blessings that have spanned over our time there and how a team just so happens to be there right now sharing the love of Jesus Christ!  
Josephine, our national director of Uganda shared how special her time serving with Sweet Sleep has been, especially with the joy of having another team there on the 3 year birthday!  
It was on the 21st of July 2009 when our first Sweet Sleep team of 22 members came and changed the sleeping condition of 260 children in Uganda.  What a blessing! Since then, so many children have really been blessed and have sweet safe nights. On the same date and month, God has yet blessed us with another incredible Sweet Sleep team of 16 members to continue blessing and changing the sleeping conditions of the so many children.”
Over this time Sweet Sleep has sent 5 teams to Kampala and 5 more teams to Gulu.  During those journeys there have been over 3,500 beds distributed in Uganda, and praise the Lord for that!  Not only were beds distributed, but nearly 10,000 children and villagers have been ministered to along the way.  
The benefits are not only a good night’s sleep, but in the Kampala orphanages where Sweet Sleep has provided beds and nets, malaria has decreased due to the life-saving mosquito nets! One orphanage reports that with the money they save in the treatment of malaria they are able to provide meat and fruit to their children once a week.  In Gulu, the provision of beds has
Currently Sweet Sleep is partnering with Health Alert Uganda, an organization that provides anti-retroviral drugs to HIV+ children.  The beds Sweet Sleep provides to these children protect them from opportunistic diseases such as malaria and pneumonia. But not only that, because of the desire to receive a bed, over 1000 children living in secret with HIV have come out of hiding, to register with HAU.  Those children are now receiving the medial care and drugs they need.  And since early this year Sweet Sleep has provided a mosquito net to every new registrant, so that they will be protected until we can return with their complete bed!
Of course these children also receive their own Bible!  When asked, the children often tell us the Bible is their favorite part of their gift.  “It tells me how to live” one girl once told me.  Our partners in HAU have told us “Before, the only escape these [HIV+] children had from the disease was death.  Now they know they have LIFE in CHRIST.”
Josephine had some more sweet words about Sweet Sleep’s birthday in Uganda.  “On this memorable Sweet Sleep UGANDA Birthday, we extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to all our Sweet Sleep teams and supporters who have continued to touch the hearts of our beloved children through the provision of the beds, beddings, life-saving mosquito nets and bibles. You have always made us feel proud and we will always remember you all.” 
As we celebrate today, with 3 years in Uganda, please keep this team that is currently there in your thoughts and prayers.  Pray for safety, opportunities to form new relationships, for the love of Jesus Christ to be what shines through this team, and for those children to feel His love as they climb into their new Sweet Sleep beds.  
Thank you again for making this possible, and be sure to continue keeping up with the team through our facebook (linked) page and through our blog.   The team is now in Gulu and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on what’s next for them!