Amazing Faith

(Friday, July 27th) was our first day at My People’s Childrens Home, about 50 miles outside of Kampala, Uganda. The first thing that really impressed me was the spirituality and faith of the kids. They’ve been praying for us for months to show up, and when we drove up this little lane they were so excited that God had answered their prayers. And shortly after we got there, a lady came walking up with a young man that obviously was sick.

He had sores on him and part of his ears were missing. She had faith and wanted us to pray for him. And it just reminded me of the passage in the Bible when the lady eased through the crowd and touched Jesus’ garment and He turned and asked “Who touched me? Your faith has made you well.” And we got the opportunity to pray for this man, and after we were through his countenance was just…, his whole face was just different. The presence of the Holy Spirit was awesome there today, because the pastor, the staff, and the ones who are taking care of the kids there are very spiritual and these kids seem to be happier than any we’ve seen yet, because of their faith.
I feel that spiritually, their prayers have been answered and will have a lot more faith in God because He has delivered something that they’ve prayed special for, so hard on for so long, and God delivered. These kids are literally sleeping on hard ground and concrete. They will now be off the ground and have their own bed, some place that they can call THEIRS. They have nothing, and having something they can call “THEIRS” will help them physically, spiritually and emotionally. They can look back and say that these people from America came over and God used them to answer our prayers, and that can lead them to being ministers themselves or be like Josephine, with Sweet Sleep. Someone who has a passion to help these kids that are orphans or living on the street.
It was really neat today when we planted two trees today to commentate Sweet Sleep and our church. They will have a memory from those trees that they can eat from as they bear fruit. I think they can use the trees as well as their spiritual walk to bear fruit and be a witness themselves. We are bearing fruit by coming over here and doing this. We bear fruit at home. And when the young kids come back some day and look at that tree, they can remember that God was faithful. To me, that was the most important thing, to build their trust in God even more.

Lonnie Wales