God is good..all the time! All the time..God is good!

The children at the home are amazing! You can tell such a difference in the demeanor of the kids compared to the kids in Gulu. These kids are so excited and happy all the time while the kids in Gulu were shy and seemed sad. They welcomed us with song and so many smiles. I have become buddies with a little boy and a little girl at the home. They have come running to me as soon as I step off the bus since the first day. They let me wrap my arms around them to just love on them for a few seconds, then it’s time to play! The little boy’s name is Kato. He is probably about three or four years old. He is shy at first but then he just lets all of his energy out! Russell was playing with him and gave him the nickname “Giggles”, which perfectly describes Kato. He will just laugh and laugh and laugh even if there doesn’t seem to be anything to laugh at! I have known his name since the first day but today was the first day that he said mine back. It made my heart smile when he said my name today.
The little girls name is Peace. I believe she has the smile to bring World Peace! She is so kind and can speak a little bit of English. She is ten years old and worships God like nobodies business. This morning at the church service (where the Holy Spirit was overwhelmingly present) Peace was concerned about my skirt touching the dirt floor. It was so sweet and touching to know that she cares whether or not my skirt gets dirty. She gave me about ten hugs before we left today! God has placed in my heart a passion for these Ugandan kids. They are so adorable and so lovable. I took for granted many things as a child, but it’s so awesome to know that we are giving them a little bit of what our childhood consisted of. I miss home and all of you I love, but it is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done saying goodbye for the last time to these children. We all can only trust God and his protection over these kids and pray for them all the time. Halli Betts]]>