On the last day, we threw a birthday party for the children because many of them don’t even know their own birthday. We gave them cake and toys to play with. Just seeing the grinning faces of the children struck me with awe. We didn’t give them much, but they were happy with what we gave them.

 In my opinion, we shouldn’t feel sorry for the people and children of Africa. We should feel sorry for the people and children in America. American children have more opportunities than the children of Africa, but they do not take them. Most of the time, American kids just sit on the couch and watch TV. In Africa, people take every opportunity they are given. Americans seem to expect more and are disappointed when they don’t get what they want. Americans are picky. Africans are always happy to receive something, no matter what it is. Americans should be more like Africans. They always praise God. They are happy to go to church. Instead of “Oh, I have to go to church.” , it’s “I have he privilege to go to church.” I hope what we have said in these blogs will change people at home as much as it has changed the 16 members of this team. Carter Gray]]>